Best Wedding Beauty Tips For Brides

It’s natural to want everything perfect on your wedding day. That’s why it’s important to have your makeup look selected and perfected long before the big day arrives. Take the time to call in the experts. Call a local Beauty Consultant. The beauty of Beauty Consultants is that they make house calls. Finding a beauty consultant near you is simple, first check with your local salon, ask a friend, or check the internet for beauty consultants in your area. Some charge a fee for their consultative services, others only charge for products purchased. Mary Kay Cosmetics is one such company whose Independent Consultants do not typically charge for a consultation. The bride and her bridal party are free to try out a skin care program and color look with no obligation.

The next step after finding the right beauty professional is to choose your color look in advance. Choosing your look is as important as choosing your gown. Don’t wait until the last minute to decide what makeup look to wear for your portrait or your wedding day. Choose products with a matte finish. Too much glitter and sparkle may interfere with your portraits, leaving you looking shiny or sweaty. Your complexion may be dewy, but we recommend a matte finish for your bridal portrait. You may want to switch to a creme-to-powder foundation, but if not, be sure to set your foundation with loose powder. If you have extremely oily skin, you can apply Oil Mattifier before your foundation. By all means…don’t forget about the condition of your skin! Start a skin care program that will get your skin looking and feeling smooth, soft and radiant for your big day. Do this well in advance for ultimate results. I suggest you start at least six months prior. After all, if your skin is not in its healthiest condition, no amount of makeup can hide it.

Define your eyes in smoky shades. Try eyeliner in a sable brown or charcoal, and apply lightly along the upper and lower lashes. Be sure to smudge and blend the eyeliner to keep your eyes looking soft and pretty. For eye shadows, choose soft, neutral shades that enhance your natural eye color – not compete with it. You want the attention to be on your natural beauty not your make-up. Again, stick with eye shadows with a matte finish. Your cheeks should reveal a soft natural glow, dust a light pink to the apples of your cheeks if your skin is fair, and choose a rose shade if your skin is beige to bronze. Blend upward toward your hairline following your cheekbone. Remember not to overapply on the apples of your cheeks. I’m sure you’ve heard of the term “blushing bride”, but you don’t want to look like you are burning up inside. Follow with a light dusting of loose powder to set the look. Your can improve the look and feel of your lips by using exfoliating products in the weeks prior to the big day. Select an creme lipstick to keep your lips feeling moisturized, choose a neutral lip liner and finish with a layer of lip gloss. You may even use the lip liner to fill in your entire lip before applying lipstick for staying power.

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