How to Apply Shimmer/Glitter

You may have thought several times about the fabulous and gorgeous makeups of the celebrities. Whenever they are noticed on a grand party or on a royal occasion, their top to bottom is rejuvenated with perfect style. You may consider them as your ideal or they are the style icon for you. The eyes of these celebrities are often marked with wonderful style. Various kinds of eye makeup products are applied on their eyes. Even in this modern age, cosmetic world has also introduced different stylish products for defining the eyes. From eye shadows to eye liners, everything offers tremendous effects on the eyes. There are some stylish eye makeup products available in the market which can improve your appearance Shimmer/glitter is perfect for adding glamor to your eyes. Know how to apply these eye enhancing products.

How to use eye shimmer?

Before applying shimmer, wash your eyes properly. With the help of a towel dry it. If you have dry skin, you should dab moisturizer at first. It must be blended around the eyes before you are going to use the shimmer.

Now use a concealer or compact on the face. You have to blend it around the eyes also. It will help you to conceal the dark circle, fine lines, under eye wrinkle, etc.

Its the time to choose a good shade of eye shadow. It will define your eyes. The color of the shadow will also enhance your appearance. To rejuvenate the lower lid of the eyes, choose a matching eye pencil.

The main process would start now. First take some shimmer on a brush. Focusing in one direction, gently and steadily use it over the eye lid. You may do the process from inside to outside of the eyes. If powder shimmer is not providing you good comfort, you may wet the brush also.

After drawing a wet line on the eye lid with the help of the wet brush, you can apply shimmer on that area. The powder will stick on the eye lids and would offer a ravishing style.

For easy application, go with cream based shimmer. Choose a spongy flat brush and apply it on the eye lid. You may select a hint of translucent powder for adding glamor on the eyes.

How to apply glitter eye makeup?

Glitter is another fabulous eye makeup product which is used by huge numbers of women.
Basically it is an eyeliner. If you go to a cosmetic shop, you may discover various types of glitter eye pencils. Numerous shades and colors of the pencils define your eyes. You should grab this handy makeup product to express yourself with gorgeous style. Apply a glitter alone. However, using it with a conventional eyeliner product is also not a bad idea. Define your eyes with this wonderful product.

Before drawing a beautiful line with glitter pencil, you may apply gel or Vaseline also. Nourish your lash line using such products. It will help the glitter to stick properly on the eyes.

Both on the corner and underneath the eyes, glitter can be applied.

Give your eyes two coats of black mascara. Afterwards, a gorgeous color of glitter may be applied. This will offer a perfect style to the eyes.

You may also use it as a highlighter for the eyes. With the help of glitter gel you can enjoy a fabulous appearance indeed.

Try various fashionable styles on the eyes and make yourself one of the most beautiful women in the world.

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