Fashion Scarves

Are you looking for versatile fashionable accessories? Try scarves. Not many are aware that scarves make wonderful fashion statements. While traveling sometimes we worry about making right fashion statement and hence end up carrying lots of clothes. But if we carry different types of scarves it will definitely serve to the purpose.

Scarves can work as both formal and informal accessories. If you are on business trip you can make fantastic fashion statement with scarves by matching it with your dress. The use of scarves is not limited to women only. Men can also use scarves to make fashion statements. Thus, in the list of some unisex accessories you can surly include scarves. Men can wear scarves like tie and make their perfect fashion statement.

Materials used in making Scarves
Enhance the beauty of your wardrobe by adding dazzling and radiant colors of scarves. Mix and match scarves with your dresses and see how new life is leashed into your clothes. When scarves first came into market, only one or two types of designs were available. But now with the popularity as well as demand different types of scarves are available.

In fact, if you notice carefully, you will find that scarves have made a prominent place in series of collection of famous designers all over the world. Today, you can find scarves that matches well with the quality and are soft, lightweight and comfortable. The materials used in making these fashion scarves varies from simple cotton to pashmina, wool, silk, crochet, velvet, chiffon, satin etc. Polyester and Georgette also lists in materials of scarves.

Based on the materials used, the price also varies. Similarly, patterns also decide price of scarves. Some of the popular patterns include floral, abstract paints, geometrical shapes, scenery etc. If you are creative enough you can make your own scarves and flaunt them proudly with your favorite dress.

Fashion Scarves
Fashion Scarves
Types of Scarves
Handwoven Scarves:
This kind of scarf is probably the oldest type, but never ran out of fashion. It showcases the artistic and creative aspect of a person. Patterns are created with different colors of thread. Unique weave structures and fiber combinations are used in making these scarves. This kind of scarf are soft, hight durable and comfortable. Handwoven scarves can be used for different purposes like hair scarf, tying scarf, head or beach scarf.

Embroidered Scarves:
Embroidery work is unique and imaginative and almost in every type of clothes it looks perfectly. Buyers from all over the world appreciate embroidery works and scarves give option to reveal the beauty of both its wearer. Sometimes, embroidered work are further combined with bead work, sequins either in the side or right in middle. Most of the embroidered scarves come in triangular, square and oblong shapes.

Knitted Scarves:
Knitted scarves can be used with almost any kind of dressing. The scarf material used in making this type is are cotton and wool. These kinds of scarves are either made with machine or knitting needles. These mostly serve the need of fashion conscious people.

How to wear fashion scarves?

If you are imaginative then you can let your creative juice flow by wearing fashion scarves in different innovative way. Make sure that you have chosen the right colors and pattern with your outfit. Some of the creative ideas of wearing fashion scarves are discussed below:

Hair band: You can wear silk fashionable scarves both for wrapping your head and tying hair. You can keep the scarf at the back of hair if you have long hair. You can keep both the ends of scarf to hang down the shoulders from your back.
Tie form: You can wear your scarf like tie. It looks just amazing. You can tie your scarf around your neck like a tie, but not in tight manner. Tie with simple knot and allow the ends to hang. This style can be followed when you are going to office. It helps in enhancing your professional appearance a lot.
Shawl style: This is one of the simplest ways to wear silk scarf. Just simple wrap around the neck and place in one end of your shoulder. In the front portion use a shawl pin or broach. If you lack broach, you can use scarf pin or ring. Make sure that you are using a silk scarf for this purpose.