Skin Care Tips for Acne

Acne looks small, but is one of the biggest skin problems. Every problem has its solution and so acne also has a remedy. With right acne skin care, you can easily get rid of acne for ever. If you have consulted a skin specialist and the concerned person has provided you with some acne skin care, then you must follow it. It is true that acne is not a severe problem at all, but if you don’t act on time the problem will grow bigger and in extreme cases, your skin might suffer from permanent scarring and other skin problems. You can get rid of acne very easily, if you become very conscious the moment it appears on the surface of your skin. With some special considerations and routine acne skin care you can bid goodbye to acne.

Acne Skin Care Tips

  • Wash your skin gently: With acne skin problem, you must wash your face with mild cleanser for at least twice a day. This will prevent the pores of acne from accumulation of any dirt and pollutants. If you are a professional and stays outside for longer period of time, then you must wash your face for at least thrice in a day. This is because your skin remains exposed for longer period of time. While washing your skin move your hands in a circular motion and in a gentle manner. Scrubbing is a strict no-no for acne affected skins. This is because scrubbing only contributes in worsening the situation and skin suffers more.
  • Choose the right cleanser: Cleanser plays an important role in treating acne. You must choose cleanser that supports your skin type. With acne affected skin, if your suffers from any allergies, the problem might go out of your control. You can consult any skin specialist to know more about the right cleansers. It is highly recommended that unless you have oily skin, you must not use astringent. However, instead of applying astringent to the entire face, you can apply astringents over the oily portion of the skin.
  • Avoid tanning and sunburn: As a part of acne skin care sometimes medications are used. These medications tend to tan and sunburn the skin. A sunburn contributes in turning the skin to red and suntan makes the skin more darker. This results in turning the skin more drier. With over exposure of skin in sun, may result in skin cancer.
  • Use less or no-makeup: As a part of acne skin care, you must try to use minimal or no makeup. This is because makeup contains chemicals that might give rise to added skin problems. When the skin is suffering from acne, you must understand that your skin is weak and feeble and extra care and attention is required. If the other healthy pores of the skin remains open, then they will breathe freely. This will gradually help your skin in returning to its normal and healthy conditions.
  • Eat healthy: Eating healthy will nourish your skin from inside. Include lots of fresh vegetables and fruits. Also make sure that you drink at 10 glasses or one and half liters of water everyday.