How to Apply Mascara

Eye makeup is of utmost importance,particularly if you are not into heavy makeup like applying a foundation on the face or rubbing a dark shade of lipstick on your lips. And when it comes to eye make up, great looking eye lashes deserve a mention. To add to the appeal of your eyes, you can certainly count on good quality mascara. Let us now take a look at the step by step process to apply mascara.

Green Eyes

Before applying mascara, ensure warming your eyelash curler. This will help you enhance the effects of the mascara.

Go in for a mascara wand which comes with a skinny top. This type of a wand works well and reaches even the inner most corners of the lashes. In most of the cases, it is seen that women overlook applying the mascara on the corners of the lashes. But then, for a dramatic look, touching up the corners are of immense importance.

Start by applying the mascara on the upper as well as the lower side of the top eye lashes.

Apply at least two coats of mascara on the top lashes for the perfect look.

Ensure rolling the wand smoothly on the upper part of the bottom eye lashes. However, make sure to use less formula out here as the bottom eye lashes are basically thinner. You don’t need to apply more than a single coat on the bottom eye lash.

Use a cotton swab or a q-tip brush for removing extra mascara that remains above or underneath the eye and eyelids.
Points to Remember

There are various options like thickening mascara or lightening mascara, but then, you need to go in for one that best suits your look.

You need to also be careful while choosing a shade of your mascara. For example, there may be some who prefer going in for the black shade whereas there are some who love experimenting with shades.

Most of us know that when we apply mascara, curling the eyelashes forms an integral part. But then, if you have tried out this option formerly and aren’t satisfied with the results, then you can skip this step as a whole.

While applying the mascara, make sure to move the wand in a single direction.

Start from the tip of the lashes when it comes to applying mascara. Prefer maintaining a zig-zag movement while applying the mascara as this will make sure that the eyelashes are not clustered together.

Once you have applied the mascara, make sure that you don’t open your eyes immediately. Instead, wait till the mascara dries completely.

For the perfect look, applying only a single coat of mascara is not enough. Once the first coat dries, you need to apply another coat of mascara.

If you want to give your lashes a lengthy look, then while applying the second coat, start from the tip of the eye lashes.

Applying mascara is indeed a messy job; hence make sure to use a cotton swab for clearing the surrounding areas.

Once you have applied the mascara, choose an eye shadow shade that gets along with the look and matches the color of your eyes as well.