Get Glowing Skin

The most sensitive area of the human body is the facial skin. Therefore it is also the area that must be taken the greatest care of. A clear and healthy skin will not only make you look more beautiful but will also help to boost your self esteem and confidence levels. Every girl and boy must maintain a skincare routine and follow hygiene standards to get a flawless facial skin. Here we bring you some natural and medicinal ways to get clear skin.

Get Clear Skin

How to get Clear Skin the Natural Way

Dryness or roughness of the upper layer of skin, blemishes on the face and accumulation of oil on certain areas of the face are the chief problems that plague the common girl. Here are the tips and tricks that you must remember to get rid of these problems naturally.

Use a plain white toothpaste on the pimple or acne affected area of your skin before you go to bed. Wash with cold water in the morning.
Make a mixture of cinnamon and honey. Apply on the blemish on your face. Keep it throughout the night or at least for six hours. Then wash off with cold water.
Lavender oil can also be applied on the affected part of the facial skin overnight before washing off.
Use lemon juice on the face after cleaning and drying it. Lemon juice acts as toner and keeps facial skin taut and firm.
Separate the egg white from the yolk and apply it on the affected regions of your face. Wash off after at least five hours.
How to get Clear Skin the Medicated Way

If the natural processes do not help in reducing skin trouble and maintaining a clear skin, you will have to visit a dermatologist and use medicines prescribed. Listed below are some popular medicinal tricks followed to get a flawless facial skin.

Use 2.5 percent concentrated benzoyl peroxide as a cleanser. This will help to remove oil, dirt and dead skin cells. Benzoyl peroxide also oxygenates the skin and kills bacteria.
Use 2 percent concentrated salicylic acid to dry out pimples. Keep it only for a few minutes before washing off. Pimples dry without leaving a spot or mark.
Use a 0.5 percent salicylic solution as a cleanser to remove excess oil from the skin pores. The solution is generally applied on the T-zone of the face (comprising forehead, nose and chin area) to get rid of blackheads, whiteheads and dead skin cells.

Keep some tips in mind to maintain a healthy looking clear skin.

Water is the best medicine for your skin. Try to drink at least six to eight glasses of water throughout the day to maintain a clear skin. Water helps to flush out the toxins and other impurities from your system, thus giving you a radiant and hydrated skin.
The daily diet also plays an important role in deciding your skin type and quality. Green vegetables and fruits must be consumed every day. Do not eat too much of fatty and oily food like fries or burgers. Try to include fish and nuts in your daily diet.
Never wipe sweat from your face with your hands. The dirt in your hands will block the pores and prevent sweating and hence the removal of impurities. Always pat a clean towel or handkerchief to remove sweat from face.
Use cold water to wash your face. Water is the best moisturizer and also the best cleanser. Splash the face with cold water at least twice everyday continuously for ten seconds. This will help to improve circulation of blood. Follow by patting the face with hot water. The steam will help to open up the blocked skin pores and enable flushing out of bacteria.
Always remove makeup before going to bed.