Scalp Reduction Surgery

Are you struggling with a problem of acute hair loss? Resorting to hair surgical treatments is a good idea.

The scalp reduction surgery has the potential of reversing the effects of hair loss as it restores hair bearing scalp. So for a head full of hair, scalp reduction is quite effective.
This type of hair replacement surgery comprises the removal of bald section from the scalp. The residual scalp portions are carefully put together like a curtain and stitched to close the incision.

To conceal the scars sometimes, Scalp reduction is combined with micrografting techniques. It is also done to fill in extra balding or thinning areas.

Scalp Reduction Surgery Facts

  • Individuals having ample amount of hair and healthy follicles around the edges of the bald area are suitable candidates for this particular surgery.
  • While performing this surgery, extra care is to be taken for ensuring that the scalp is not pulled firmly which may lead improper consequences.
  • Individuals experiencing pattern baldness, alopecia, and hair loss due to burn are suitable candidates for this treatment.

Scalp Reduction Surgery Procedure

  • This operation is particularly done during the hair grafting procedures.
  • Excess skin is removed after the scalp is stretched to make the bald patch smaller.
  • Individual hair is removed from the donor scalp patch.
  • The area that receives the donated hair is then numbed with a topical anesthetic.
  • Small holes are made with needles in the bald area and healthy hairs are precisely transplanted.
  • The whole session may take around four hours or even more than that.
  • A surgical dressing is a must after scalp reduction.

Note: Consult a surgical hair replacement specialist before deciding on this surgery.