Black skin care

Nowadays many beauty salons have come up with many effective black skin care treatments for the people whose skin have been tanned or pigmented due to various reasons. For several reasons including pollution and ailments, many people lose their actual skin tone and their complexion turns into blackish. They can surely get back their actual skin color by using various methods. Many standard parlors offer a variety of beauty treatments for removing pigmentation and dark patches from the face and body. These treatments are effective and free from side effects. Many reputed national and international companies also have launched various skincare products for black or darker skin but before choosing any of them a little bit of study and research is necessary because not every product is for every skin type.

People born with black skin often suffer from an inferiority complex that they never look good due to their complexion. They keep on applying various products to make their complexions lighter. However they should know that only a healthy problem free skin can give you an extra charm to your body so you should go for a proper skincare.

Black skin care at home

You can make so many face packs and scrubbers at home with various vegetables and fruits. They are easy to make as well as no less effective than a market product. Some of them are as follows:

Orange mask for Black skin

Take some orange peels and grind it to make a paste. Mix it with homemade yogurt. Now apply this paste to your face and hands. Leave it for twenty to thirty minutes and then wash with lukewarm water. Applying on a regular basis helps you remove the tan.

Turmeric Mask for Black skin

Mix turmeric powder with lime juice and yogurt and apply it on the pigmented area. Keep this paste for at least ten minutes and wash it with fresh water. To get result faster, do it everyday.

Potato for black skin

Potato is a wonderful bleaching agent. Apply a paste of potato on the effected area of your skin and keep it for at least half an hour and then wash it with plain water.

Almonds also make a skin healthier and shining. Take two or three almonds, soak them in water for overnight and then make a paste of it. Apply the paste on your face and keep it until it dries and then wash it with cold water. You should do it at least once a week to get a better result.

Mix cucumber juice and honey all together. Apply the mix on the face and keep it until the paste dries. Try it everyday to get a lighter skin quicker.

If you have blackish complexion by birth then you can never make it completely fairer; however you can make your skin problem free and shining. Apart from using various products you also have to maintain a good balanced diet. Include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables enriched with vitamins in your regular meals. Drinking lots of fluids like fresh water and various fruit juices is also necessary to have the glowing skin.