Great Skin in Your Teens

They say practice makes a man perfect. So the earlier you start the practice of a good skin care regime, the better it will behave with the passage of time. No matter what age group we belong to, our skin faces fresh challenges every time. The teenage years are an appropriate time to begin a healthy skincare routine. But most girls or boys at 16 think that anything beyond cleansing or using an acne treatment is too complicated. Most of you feel that your skin is still “young”. However, incorporating a complete skincare routine during this time is one step in creating a lifetime of healthy habits and preventing future skin issues such as acne scarring, sun damage, fine lines and discoloration. By the time you are 14 or 15 you should be careful about keeping your skin clean, and using a sunscreen. Most of you experience breakouts during these years as your body adjusts its hormonal levels, and your skin its natural oil balance.

So here’s what you should use to keep skin feeling fresh:

  • A gentle, non-comedogenic cream or gel cleanser.
  • A daytime moisturizer with an SPF 15.
  • An oil-free face lotion for night to keep the moisture balance in your skin.
  • In case you have a breakout avoid picking on them, try a tea tree based anti-acne spot treatment cream to dry up the area.
  • Drink lots of water, and fresh juices with pulp in them to flush out your skin.