Maximise Your Moisturiser

Want a great looking skin? Then pick up the moisturiser. It is the most important thing to retain your skin’s natural hydration level. It is one thing that no one should be without. We cannot stress that point enough. Skin must be kept from getting too dry. And if your skin doesn’t produce sufficient oils to ensure this, you must supplement the oils that your skin really does need. While moisturising creams cannot really penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, but they can protect the epidermis or the outer layer by adding vital oils and vitamins to it. Moisturisers also protect the skin from the natural drying effects of cold air, sun’s rays and certain types of pollution.

Moisturisers act in two essential ways to protect the skin. Firstly it bars the skins natural water loss and secondly it lubricates the skin from inside to leave it radiantly soft. They are made of three basic ingredients namely the occlusive, humectants and emollients. They repair by forming barrier on your skin to slow down moisture loss, attract atmospheric moisture and fill in the skin crevices to give a smooth feel to your skin. Moisturising creams have rich oils that feed the skin its necessary nutrients.

Remember that moisturising creams are not just for girls with dry skin, even people with oily skin need lubrication too. They also need to use moisturisers that protect the skin from natural water loss and balances oil production of the skin. Another point to consider is that you may need to change your moisturisers based not just on our skin type but also the climate of the city you live in. Experts suggest that you need to change your moisturising routine as the climate changes to keep your skin well hydrated and nourished. For instance in summer months when the skin tends to greasy you may need an oil balancing moisturising gel that has higher water content, while in winter you will need a cream that improves the both oil and water content.