Seasonal Skin Care

Want to have radiant and soft skin in all seasons ? Proper seasonal skin care ensures you have a skin free from any problems throughout the year. Listed below are some simple seasonal skin care tips which you will find quite useful.

Winter Skin Care:

During winters your skin becomes more dry and sensitive. To keep your skin glowing during winters you can follow these simple tips:

Use moisturizing products containing ingredients like jelly, evening primrose oil, shea butter and silicons liberally. You can also apply emollient-based skin care products during daytime and humectants-based skin care products during night time.

Use sunscreen when you step out during the day as sun rays can be quite harsh and may have darkening effect on your skin. Sunscreen protects your skin from UV damage. It is better to use a sunscreen not below 15 SPF for your skin.

Before going to bed apply lip balms or moisturizer that has ingredients like shea butter and jojoba butter on your lips. Use an emollient-based hand care product for your dry hands.

Summer Skin Care:

The direct sun rays during summers cause various skin problems like skin tanning, heat rashes. Try out the following summer skin care tips to make your skin free from problems.

Prepare a facial pack with ingredients like clay kind, kitty litter and water to give a radiant look to your skin during summers.

Apply home made sandalwood paste on your body at least 2 times a day and feel the difference.

Drink plenty of lemon juice and water during summers.

Do not forget to use sunscreen while you step out in the sun. Use sunscreen which offers you more UV protection like SPF 25 or SPF 30.

Spring Skin Care:

You may experience dry skin at this time of the year. Also while you are outdoors you can experience sunburns as well. So it is always advisable to use sunscreens Use a cleanser or moisturizer with alpha-hydroxy or beta-hydroxy acid during spring season. Norurish your skin with a cream rich in Vitamins C and E. Drink plenty of fluids and green tea as it removes the toxins from your body and you will left with soft and glowing skin.