Skin Care Equipments

Skin care equipments aesthetically enhance your facial features. There is an extensive range of skin care and hair care equipments that help to enhance your beauty.

Some of the most popular skin care equipments are pedicure and manicure kits, hydraulic facial stool, facial steamer, tweezers for blackhead extraction, nose and ear hair trimmers and a host of other equipments that help to remove spots and wrinkles and improve blood circulation.

Different Types of Skin Care Equipments

The G 5 contour machine helps to remove cellulite and toxins from the body.

The PS-88 skin care equipment can serves to lighten the skin tone and reduce wrinkles and spots.

There are also special tweezers to remove blackheads.

There are also special tweezers for removing ingrown hairs.

Waxing tweezers help to remove hair from the bikini area, the chin and the eyebrows.

Foot buffers help to soften the feet and remove corns.

Skin care equipments not only accentuate and enhance your features and skin tone. Use the different skin care equipments listed above for a refreshing and rejuvenated look.