Skin Care Overview

Skin care and beauty are related to each other in great extent. No one can separate these two vital terms. They are the identity of modern age. Every woman wants to link them together. That means, after relating these two terms, you get a fresh, younger appearance. Skin care is therefore, essential part of your beauty treatments. You might have tried various cosmetic products on the skin. But the ravishing look comes when you apply them in proper way. If you can focus on a strict but simple skin care regime, you will definitely become satisfied. Find below some beauty skin care tips.

How to do skin care therapy?

Cleansing the skin

The basic part of skin care treatment involves in clearing the skin. You go through numerous kinds of dirty elements. These make the skin rough and harsh. Also your skin produces sebum, the oily substance. Excessive production of subum may cause pimples and acne. To solve such condition, buy a good cleanser. It should be applied everyday at least twice or thrice. Whenever, coming back home, use this cleanser. It will help you to get complete relaxation. For enjoying a fresh and enhanced face, do this process regularly.

Exfoliation improves the skin texture

Scrub helps to remove dead skin cells. You can apply a scrub to eliminate all negative aspects from the skin. But, it should be remembered that the scrub must be used with gentle care. Don’t rub your face with a scrub. Only twice a week, go for this exfoliation process.

Moisturizer for smooth effects

Hydrate the skin with the help of moisturizer. You must use it daily on the skin. Your face will become smooth and soft. It is must before sleep. After each wash, you must prefer to apply moisturizer on the skin.

Sunscreen lotion

Everyday, you go through lots of work. For managing your schedule, you move outside and face the harmful sun rays. The UV ray creates great damage to the skin. Therefore, choose a sunscreen formula with SPF 15 at least. It will protect the skin from the UV rays.

Homemade skin care tips

  • If you want to go with natural elements, choose some homemade recipes. To exfoliate the skin, take a tomato pulp. Mix it with rose water and honey. Now gently massage the face with this mixture. Leave it for a few minutes. Now wash the with normal water. Apart from facial skin, this recipe is effective for body skin too. It is also useful to treat acne and pimples. Enjoy the smooth effect instantly on the skin.
  • Turmeric powder gives great glowing skin therapy. You may mix some turmeric powder with orange juice. This paste will make your skin glowing and supple. Keep the mixture on the face for 15 to 20 minutes. Now wash off the skin.
  • Prepare a mixture using equal amount of lemon juice and rose water. Using cotton ball apply it on the face. This will help you to add glow and freshness to the skin. It is good as anti-acne remedy too.