Skin disorders

Beauty is indeed skin deep, and you need to take proper care of your skin to look good and to feel good too. However, as with all the other parts of your body, your skin is prone to wear and tear and has to be looked after regularly.

Your skin is the outermost part of your body and thus is most exposed to the elements. Often skin is neglected, causing various skin disorders that range from the harmless itches to severe conditions like melanoma, a form of skin cancer. Proper skincare is the only way to avoid skin disorders. Let’s find out about the common skin disorders and their treatments.

The skin is made up of three layers. These are – the epidermis, the dermis, and the hypodermis. The epidermis is the outermost layer. It provides waterproofing and cover from external elements. All Skin disorders are linked to the epidermis.

The diseases can be caused due to various infections – fungal, viral or bacterial. Disorders of the skin can also be a result of chemical and biological imbalances in the body. Lack of certain vitamins and nutrients, and malnutrition in general can cause a variety of skin disorders.

There are numerous skin disorders ranging from the commonly occurring itching to the dreadful skin cancer. These can be broadly classified into six categories – inflammatory, viral, bacterial, fungal, cancer and others.

Inflammatory skin disorders include conditions that cause irritation and inflammation of the skin. Acne, Dermatitis or eczema, rashes, psoriasis, and sebaceous cysts are the commonly known skin problems of this category.

Viral skin disorders are mostly temporary conditions, but they can become serious if not treated in time. Chicken pox, Herpes simplex virus (types 1 and 2), measles and warts are the viral skin disorders that are commonly known.

Bacterial infections also occur quite frequently, especially among small children. They are easier to treat than viral infections. Barber’s itch or Folliculitis, and impetigo are examples of bacterial infections.

Fungal infections are usually caused due to poor hygiene. Athlete’s foot, Candida, and ring worm are the major fungal infections.

Skin cancer is a serious condition that can be fatal if not detected in time. Three kinds have been identified. These are basal cell cancer that accounts for more than 80 % of the skin cancer cases, Squamous cell carcinoma, and the rapidly spreading melanoma.

Moles, birthmarks and other spots on the body are the other commonly occurring skin conditions. However, they cannot be termed as skin disorders. Some moles and prominent birthmarks may have to be checked for signs of skin cancer.