Beauty Tips Pimples

Free Beauty Tips for Pimples

Pimples or acne go against a pleasant appearance. When you get this irritating condition on the face, your beauty starts to reduce. It spoils the enjoyment of any grand party. You are not being able to maintain a fabulous look. Basically, acne is a severe form of pimple. You experience a smaller sized lump on the skin. If you neglect this pimple, it may create big problem indeed. Beauty tips pimples can cure such condition. You have to follow the tips very carefully to get rid of pimples.

Causes of Pimples

Sebum secretion

One of the main reasons of pimples is the secretion of excess oil on the skin. During the age of puberty, your skin starts releasing sebum. It is a kind of oily substance and too much secretion causes pimples on the skin. When the extra oil is clogged in the pores, it experience pimples and acne. All this process happens because of hormone imbalance. That’s why, you have to check your hormone level on regular basis.


Stress is another reason of pimples. Everyday, you go through various kinds of tensions and stress. These create impact on the skin. You have to know the way to deal with stress. This will help you to do away with pimples.

Reaction of cosmetic products

You apply variety of cosmetics on the skin. Sometimes, they do not suit you. The result comes up as pimples, acne, etc. Those who have oily skin type, face pimples much. Choose cosmetics according to your skin type. Go through the ingredient label very carefully.

How to get rid of Pimples?

Proper sleep and good diet

To keep your skin fresh, you have take lots of sleep and more green vegetables and fruits. Regularly take 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Drink plenty of water. It will help you to stay enjoy a clear, pimple free face.

Choose right cosmetics

While choosing cosmetics, consider your skin type. Be careful, about any kind of cosmetic reaction. If you have oily skin type, you must take great care. Choose water based product and protect the skin from the hands of pimples.


Use glycerin or sorbitol soap to cope with pimples. Choose neutrogena soap in this respect. Wash the face at least twice daily. Don’t rub the face harshly. Choose gentle cleanser to nourish the skin.

Natural sandalwood cure

Make a sandalwood paste. You have to add rose water to sandalwood. Use this paste regularly on the affected area. Leave it overnight on the face and next morning using normal or cold water wash it off. It will help you to remove pimples.

Aloe vera formula

You may choose aloe vera to cure pimples. From the aloe vera plant, extract a watery gel substance. This is fortified with enzymes and saves the skin from bacteria. This ingredient will help you to eliminate pimples and ace.