Hair Loss

Hair Loss and Its Causes

Hair loss is a major problem which leads to baldness. From ancient time, men and women are struggling with this condition. Usually it occurs as soon as you reach young age. But there is no certain age for this problem. It can attack you at any phase of life. Numerous reasons are there for this irritating condition. Heredity is one of the biggest issues which tends you to get this hair problem. Apart from family history, some other factors also contribute in causing hair loss. A discussion will help you to know more on this.

Causes of Hair Loss


It is one of the main causes of hair loss. In most of the cases, it is noticed that the person who is going through such problem inherited it from his/her parents. In such situation, he should take care of his hair from the very early stage of life.


Pregnancy is a sacred period of life. Every woman wants to undergo with such stage. During pregnancy, the hair of a woman starts growing. When the woman delivers her baby, she experiences hair loss. Within two to three months of the delivery, such problem starts. Therefore, childbirth is considered as one of the common causes of hair loss.

Typhoid disease

Many diseases create change in your life. Usually after recovery from typhoid, men or women find hair loss problem. To cope with the problem, one has to get proper treatment.

Diet schedule

Diet greatly affects hair growth. Protein is inevitable for healthy hair. If you take less protein in your diet, it will cause hair loss. Include more protein rich food and get rid of the problem.


Sometimes, from the reaction of drugs, you meet shedding. Medications which are used to treat arthritis, acne, heart disease, cancer treatment drugs etc, may create such condition in your life. Even women who pop birth control pills also face such problem.


Dandruff is another cause of hair fall and then hair loss. If this condition is not cured in time, you may completely lose your hair. Good care should be taken to deal with the problem.

Tips to prevent Hair Loss

  • Do not take extremely hot water for washing the hair. You may apply normal water or warm water to treat the hair.
  • While choosing shampoo, select a mild one. Don’t apply shampoo more than three days in a week.
  • Comb the hair in right way. You have to use backward direction while applying the comb. Don’t brush the hair too much.
  • Before using shampoo, at least once in a week, massage the hair with a good hair oil. For 10 to 15 minutes, offer a fantastic massage.

Homemade Hair Loss Treatments

  • Coconut milk massage is wonderful in curing hair loss. You may also use aloe vera gel in place of coconut milk. Apply it on the hair and leave for at least half an hour. With warm water rinse the hair. Try this method three times a week and get rid of hair loss.
  • Grind black pepper and lime seeds well. You have to use water to do the process. Use this paste regularly on the scalp. You will be able to cope with hair loss naturally.
  • Take 1 tablespoon of cinnamon powder, hot olive oil and honey. Mix them to prepare the paste. Before taking bath apply this paste on the hair. Keep at least for 15 minutes. It will help you to deal with the condition.