Hair Care for Men

Hair Care for Men

Are you worried of your hair fall or want to make your hair look healthy? Hair care forms an essential part of grooming for men. Different types require different types of hair care. There are various hair care products available in the market exclusively for men like Nexus, Matrix, Paul Mitchell, Redken, Biolage.Most of the men’s hair care products like shampoos and conditioners are designed specially for men. Cleansing and conditioning your hair will ensure healthy hair and clean scalp.

There are various types of hair care products for men . They are:


Tips for Hair Care for Men


Basic Scalp Care
A healthy scalp is required for good hair growth. Use a mild shampoo to clean your scalp . It is better if you use an acid based shampoo instead of alkaline based shampoos. Use various hair care products like shampoo with contains pH of 4.5 – 5.5. Shampoos with Sodium Myreth Sulfate are more suitable for the hair. Use an exfoliating scrub once or twice a week to get rid of dead skin or dirt from your scalp. A good massage and a good moisturizing conditioner keep the scalp healthy.

Always dry your hair before combing
Most of the cases, men suffer from hair damage because they try to dry off hair with towel. The point is wet hair is prone to damages and suspected to hair problems. While drying hair with towel, the hair is harshly rubbed that causes damage to cuticle and results in frizzing of hair and split ends. The proper way to dry your hair is to ensure that you have squeezed out the excess water and gently stroking in hair growing direction. Remember, depending on your hair cut drying process varies from person to person.

Avoid chemical treatments
Perming or coloring hair is a part of hair style for men. But, it is best to avoid these as it contains harsh chemicals that ends up damaging hair and making it rough, dry and unmanageable. But there are situations where these kind of treatments becomes necessary. Thus, it is advisable to seek the help of good professional hair stylist. At present there are many men’s hair care products are available safe to use and made from less or zero chemicals. The result from trained professional is always better as it looks natural and not an artificial one. Your hair will also remain safe and will not suffer from any kind of damages.Use natural hair care products which are devoid of harmful chemicals. Natural hair care products reduce hair loss and increases hair beauty. Diets containing vitamins and minerals are also required for healthy hair.

Select the right tools for hair care
Always use the right hair care tools. Instead of using a narrow comb, select one that comes with wide tooth. Make sure that the end points are rounded and not sharp ones. Comb your wet hair with wide toothed comb as it will prevent your hair from breakage and help untangling them without causing any kind of damage.Use a brush which has natural bristles and a blow dryer to style your hair. There are various type of hair style products like gels, hairsprays and mousses . These products help you to maintain your hairstyle all throughout the day.

Trim your hair on regular interval
Trimming keeps your hair healthy and nice and helps in enhancing the healthy growth of hair. Trim after every three months or twice in a year. In fact the interval of hair trimming is dependent on the texture, conditions and extent of damage of your hair. Visit your stylist as this concerned person will be able to guide you in right way about trimming.

Eat healthy and follow sound lifestyle
A healthy hair reflects your eating habits and the kind of life you lead. It is advisable to take healthy diet and exercise regularly to help the body in getting rid of toxins. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, drink adequate water and try to reduce stress from your life. This will result not only in healthy hair but also overall good health.

Apply a hair oil containing Vitamin E. This oil has vitalizing effects on hair. Oils like rosemary and are also good for hair growth.

It is better to brush your hair daily before going to bed. Taking care of your hair will help you to get rid of hair problems like hair loss, dandruff and also help to enhance hair growth.