The L’Image Salon offers host of services, which includes skin care, face care and hair care. The hair services offered by this salon includes coloring of hair, styling of hair and conditioning of hair. It meets up to the needs and demands of customers. Its team of professionals offers the best hair treatment. The professionals also offers effective advice on hair care as well as on other various aspects related to hair treatment.

Hair Services Offered by L’Image:

1. Hair Coloring : Hair coloring gives a complete change to your look. It needs a mention here that the experts of this salon, who deal with hair coloring opt for a hair color that would suit your skin tone as well as your make up. The hair coloring services have been listed below, which are:

  • Partial highlight
  • Creative highlights
  • Cap highlight
  • Foil highlight (one color)
  • Semi – permanent
  • Corrective color
  • One process color
  • Bleaching
  • Glazing

2. Deep Conditioning Treatment : This treatment primarily focuses on the conditioning of the hair. This treatment also nourishes the hair well.
Services provided are:

  • Bio luster treatment
  • Eufora experience

3. Design Waves and Anti Curls : If you want to get rid of your straight hair look and wish to go for curly hair or wavy hair, then opt for this hair treatment. The team of experts would make your wavy or curly as desired by you. They would also see to the fact that it is done in such a way, so that the new hairstyle suits you completely.
Services offered are:

  • Touch up
  • Flash wave
  • Design wave
  • Anti curl
  • Spot wave
  • Anti frizz

4. Hairstyling : Approach the experts of L’Image to change your hairstyle as they are the best people to do it.
Services offered are:

  • Formal styling
  • Shampoo, cut and style
  • Shampoo set or blow dry