Umi Salon

Umi Salon is ranked among the best known hair salons in the world. One of the top global brands in hair styling and coloring, Umi Salon has branches spread all over the US.

It also has its own range of products for mixing, layering, hair make up and cocktailing.

History of Umi Salon:

Umi Salon, ranked among the premier hair salons in Boston, was founded by Jeffrey Dauksevich. Jeffrey Dauksevich is one of the top hair experts in the US. He has worked in reputed fashion magazines like Elle, WWD, Allure, and Vogue.

Jeffrey Dauksevich was later joined by Lesly DiStefano a known hairdresser. Together they have come up with innovative hair styles and products and contributed a lot to making what Umi Salon stands today.

Beauty Services offered by Umi Salon:

Umi Salon offers a wide variety of beauty services including hair cutting, hair coloring, and conditioning services. The Boston beauty salon also offers makeup application and organizes regular instruction sessions for those interested in a career in hair styling. Umi Salon is well known for its Bio Ionic straightening treatment.

Umi Salon Product Range:

Umi Salon has a wide array of products. Most of these products are the results of intensive research and creativity. Some of the popular products of Umi Salon are Umi Shampoo, Umi Conditioner, Umi Powder, Umi Crème, Umi Volume, Umi Sliquid, Umi Form, Umi d fuse serum, and Umi Sitewax. The customers can directly buy any of the hair care products from Umi Salon branches or order online.

Umi Shampoo is suitable for dry, color-treated or styled hair. The shampoo contains Sugarcane and aloe leaf extracts. Umi Powder is used for styling blow-dried hair and allows elaborate styles in place. Umi Sliquid is an Aloe styling lotion serves the dual function of a sunscreen and styling lotion.

Umi d fuse serum is another premium product. It offers protection against humidity and prevents hair from getting frizzy. The natural oils present in Umi d fuse serum retain moisture balance.