High Fiber Diet

High-Fiber Diet prevents many serious ailments including heart diseases and cancer. Fiber is not digested and passes through the stomach and intestine into the colon. It enlarges the stool which helps to drive out many toxic materials from our body. Thus its main function is to cure constipation. It also helps reduce other health problems including high cholesterol and overweight. As the term suggests it includes high fiber food. Let’s peep into the types of foods included in this list.

High-Fiber foods
Various grain, vegetables and fruits are included in this category. Have a look.

Grains: A variety of cereals, breads, muffins and buns are included in the grain group. Whole wheat pastas, barley, corn, brown rice and popcorns are also enriched with fiber.
Vegetables: You can have lots of fruits in this list. Spinach, broccoli, green peas, leafy vegetables, beans and black eyed beans are full of fiber. Dried peas are also there in this list.
Fruits: You can have so many dried fruits enriched with fiber. Apricot, prunes, dates and raisins. Some fresh fruits including mango, orange, kiwi and apple consist high fiber.
Nuts: various nuts including almond and soy nuts are included in this list.

Health benefits of high fiber diet
Lessen diabetic risk
Helps reduce weight
Lower cholesterol level
Lessen heart problems
Reduce cellular damage
High fiber breakfast ideas
A high fiber breakfast should be complete with two or three slices of brown bread, five to six pieces of mango or orange and some dates. Instead of bread slices you can also have a full bowl of pasta with boiled spinach and beans. Cereals or cornflex along with milk can also be taken.

High fiber lunch ideas
You can complete your lunch with a cup of brown rice or three slices of brown bread along with a bowl of boiled vegetables which include spinach, broccolis, peas and beans. It can be ended up with a fruit salad which includes a medium size apple, mango or orange.

High fiber dinner ideas
A high fiber dinner can include a bowl of hot soup. A mixed vegetable soup containing lettuce, broccoli and spinach would be the best. You can take one or two slices of brown bread or chapattis along with the soup. End up the dinner with some date or apricot pieces. They will pamper your sweet tooth.