High-Protein Diet

Doctors suggest a high protein diet mainly to the players and body builders. Children also need a high protein diet for their growth. Protein strengthens the tissues and muscles. Thus it should be the inseparable part in every growing child as well as physical performer’s diet. Common people also need a sufficient amount of protein in their day today life which keeps them healthy and fit. Chicken, egg, mutton contains high amount of protein. Persons who are strictly vegetarian can include lots of beans and broccoli in their meals.

Foods containing high protein
Let’s peep some of the foods which contain high protein. People who need high protein dietcan include the following items in their regular diet:

Sea fishes( especially tuna, shrimp and salmon)
Egg( white portion)
Vegetables and fruits containing high protein
Vegetarians who can never eat the above foods can have other options. There are lots of vegetables available for them containing high protein. Persons who are really interested to know the protein contained vegetables must peep into the followings:

Fruits –

White grapes
High protein breakfast ideas
Want to have a high protein enriched breakfast? Include lots of papaya, mango and grapes in your breakfast. You can have the juices of these fruits as well. Moreover sandwiches should also be taken in everyday mealtime. Here is a recipe of a sandwich which contains high protein. Try it out.

High protein sandwich: Ingredients: Two slices of brown bread, four chicken slices, White portion of an egg, oil, salt to taste and pepper. How to prepare- Toast two slices of bread in a toaster. Boil the chicken slices and make the egg fry. Now place the chicken slices on one bread slice. Put the egg fry on it. Now spread salt and pepper. Now put another slice on it. Serving -Serve the sandwich with boiled vegetables like carrot, beans along with fruit juices.

High protein lunch ideas
You can enrich lunch meal with lots of steamed vegetables like carrots cauliflowers, broccolis and cabbages. You can make a fine delicious salad with these ingredients by the use of salad dressings which are easily available at your departmental store. You can also put chicken or bacon pieces on it. Apar6t from that don’t for get to some fruits in your lunch. It could be papaya or mango. Seasonal fruits should also be taken.

High protein Dinner
Make your dinner enriched with protein by including chicken soups and salads. Persons who are vegetarians can include mushrooms instead of chicken.