Makeup tips for Eyebrows

Eyebrows which are groomed properly do enhance your beauty. Beautiful eyebrows make the facial structure more prominent. To have beautiful eyebrows, you should pluck your eyebrows just before you go to bed such that the redness tends to disappear. This is one of the best makeup tips for eyebrows. Make sure that you know your facial features well to have beautiful eyebrows.

Makeup tips to have beautiful eyebrows
Use a pair of slant edged tweezers such that the hairs can be gripped easily. Comb your hair in one direction and then in the opposite direction and let go of the loose hairs.
The hairs should be plucked between the brow areas as well. Never try to remove the hairs from the area just above your eyebrows.
Pluck each hair individually. Pluck it in a manner which goes in the same direction as the hair growth.
make up tips for eyebrows

Do not over pluck the hairs. To define the eyebrows, use a color which is same as that of your natural hair color.
Apply the brow pencil with small, feathered strokes. Work outwards, starting from inside to define the eyebrows.
Blend the color with a brush. The stray hairs can be tamed by using hair gel and a comb. In that way, it shall also appear neat.To get beautiful eyebrows is the best makeup trick that one should know from the starting stage. There are many women who tend to overlook the beauty of their eyebrows, or there are others who over-pluck them, making it worse.
Which is the best Eyebrow color?
Either an eyebrow pencil or an eyebrow powder can be used to have definitive beautiful eyebrows. The process of applying the eyebrow powder goes like this – apply it with an eyebrow brush, dust it through the eyebrows and make sure you do not let it spread on the surrounding skin area. In a way, this is bound to give you a natural matte finish but requires a little blending properly. As we discussed, the alternate tool to define the eyebrows is the well-sharpened eyebrow pencil. Try to put on an effect which is natural and avoid a fake look.

Quick makeup tips for beautiful eyebrows
One should remain careful about two things – the distance between the eyebrows and the length of the eyebrows.

Always pluck your eyebrows in between, avoiding plucking them from above.
Visit a professional, if you are plucking your eyebrows for the first time.
If the top area looks messy, wax it off.
Keep it simple and clean always!