Beauty Tips for Acne

Are you looking for some beauty tips for acne skin? Here come some essential beauty tips for acne prone skin. Acne is basically a problem of an oily skin. Teenagers are the main sufferers. However a number of older women also suffer from this skin problem. Acne makes skin spotted and ugly. It looks worse in the fair complexion. Nevertheless this is the problem which is completely curable. A number of international cosmetic companies have launched so many skin care products for acne prone skin. If you have spots in your skin then you can try these products, however before using them go through the proper application procedure. Moreover you must choose the right brand for you, so a little bit research is also necessary. Let’s see how to get rid from this problem.

Face care tips for acne

If you have acne or spots in your skin then it need’s some extra care. You should keep your skin clean. So wash your skin with a mild soap or an herbal face wash whenever come from the outside. After washing the face, toning is a must.

It can be done with a branded toner or with rose water. Remember that rose water is a very good toner and does excellent on the oily skin. Apply a light moisturizer before going to bed. Apart form the routine skin care you must go for some facial treatments offered by a number of reputed beauty salons. Here some effective methods to cure acne:

  • Facial surgery for acne
  • Laser treatment for acne
  • Dermabrasion
  • Microdermabrasion

If you are a working person and hardly get time for going to the beauty salons, then you can try some homemade remedies to cure acne.

    Orange face pack for acne skin

  • Ingredients: Orange juice of three table spoon, one tea spoon honey and two table spoon lime juice.
  • How to prepare: Mix the ingredients all together and make a thick solution.
  • Application: Apply it on your face. Leave it for half an hour. Now wash the face with rose water. Do it at least three days a week. You must get a rapid improvement.

Tips for Acne Skin

  • A little bit change in lifestyle is necessary to get an acne free healthy skin. Avoid spicy foods and eat lots of salads, juices and fruits. Smoking should strictly be avoided.
  • Always use products of reputed brands. These brands never compromise with the quality of the products and so these are all skin friendly.
  • Consult your doctor if you don’t get any positive results from the products or homemade masks.