Home Beauty Tips

Looking beautiful is an eternal desire. Everybody under the sun wants to look beautiful and takes all the necessary measures to achieve that target. It is a desire possessed by all to look charming and glamorous. Everybody would like to look their best and impress people around. As a cause of this, we always have a habit of spending lot of money on branded beauty products available in the market. There are numerous beauty parlors serving the cause of making you beautiful – that also costs you a lot. But we generally tend to ignore the simple beauty tips at home which are though quite simple, yet have effective results. The kitchen or the garden having all the desired home beauty tips can easily solve all your beauty worries and also you get to save your pocket. The beauty tips at home are also absolutely natural in its ingredients structure and don’t leave any harsh marks on your skin. Follow the simple beauty treatments and look fresh and beautiful to turn heads towards you.

Top Home Beauty Tips

1. For doing away with the puffy look of your eyelids you can try to apply a drop of fresh castor oil, It shall give you a fresh feeling and the eyes wouldn’t feel too tired.

2. Take thick cucumber slices and feel a cooling effect on the eyes. Another substitute of this process is to use cotton pads, being soaked in cold milk. While you are lying down, just leave them on your eye pads and just relax.

3. To get a sound sleep at night, put a drop of rose water in each of your eyes. It has refreshing effect on your eyes.

4. Usually lips get chapped very easily. To avoid that, use hot water fermentation on the lip surface. After doing this, apply a combination of Vaseline and honey. You can use this mixture at least thrice in a week.

5. A mixture of rose petals and milk butter will keep your lips soft and supple, prevent it from drying.

6. We age quite fast. To stop us from ageing faster, and not let that aging mark appear on your hands – use a piece of lemon and rub it all over your hand before washing them. It shall delay the process of aging.

7. No time to shampoo your hair? Brush 1 tablespoon (tbs) of talcum powder or corn flour over your hair while going outdoors. Take some time and do this, do not try this process in a hurry.

8. To prevent hair loss, take a biotin rich drink. If you cannot get one of such kind, take a drink made with blended bananas with honey, yogurt and low fat milk.