Beauty Tips for Teen Girls

The consciousness of beauty sees itself blossoming in the teenage years. Teenage girls are especially worried about acne, looking attractive on prom nights and dinner dates, the type of make up to be applied and clothing and accessories to splurge on. If you are fretting over all these too, there is good news in the form of beauty tips for teenage girls. These tips would especially help you do your own make-up without the help of others. These beauty tips for girls also tell you what to do and what to avoid when it comes to preparing and grooming yourself during these teenage years. Read on for some great tips on beauty for teenage girls.

Facial Beauty Tips for Teen Girls

White heads and acne can make your face ugly and make you feel low in spirits. However here is a simple homemade beauty recipe that will take care of this problem and make your skin look as pretty and fresh as ever.

Make a paste of fuller’s earth (multani mitti), sandalwood powder and rose water.
Apply it on your face especially over your acne and white heads.
Let the pack dry and then wash off with cool water.

You may use this pack every alternate day till you get rid of your white heads and acne.

Also, before going to bed every night, clean your face with a neem or aloe vera based cleanser, following it up with a toner.

If your face is oily, use an oil-free moisturizer and if your face is dry, apply an oil based moisturizer. Apply sunscreen lotion before going out in the sun. And remember to drink plenty of water and get at least six hours of sleep every day in order to avoid the fatigued look and dark circles later on in life.

Hair Care Tips for Teen Girls

Oil your hair with almond oil or olive oil and rinse off with a mild shampoo at least twice a week as this will help in maintaining the sheen. You can apply protein hair packs or henna packs for a healthy look for your hair.

Trim your hair regularly. You can get a fashionable hair cut that suits your face for a modern and confident look. Remember, this is the time to experiment as much as you want with your hair.

You can also straighten it or iron it or simply curl it for different looks on different days. However, remember that frequent ironing can be harmful for your hair in the long run. Contact a hair specialist to teach you a few easy hairstyles that you can do on your own without any fuss.

Body Care Tips for Teen Girls

It is very important to give special attention to the rest of your body too, besides the face. Use homemade recipes for cleaning your skin easily. If you wish you can also use a good brand of body scrub available in the market.

Massage your skin with olive oil or almond oil. Besides nourishing your skin and retaining its moisture, a massage helps the blood circulation and keeps your skin healthy. You can apply a sunscreen on all exposed parts of your body, such as arms, feet and neck, before going out in the sun.

File your nails regularly and keep them short to avoid breakage. Apply cream or moisturizer on your hands and feet as often as possible to keep them soft.

Cosmetics and Dressing Tips for Teen Girls

If you are always confused about what make up to use and what clothes to wear at different times or different occasions, then all you need to do is think of what.