Beauty Tips for African American Women

African American women are usually characterized by black skin complexion. They possess curly hair that is very difficult to manage. Therefore, you must take great care of your skin as well as hair to get a wonderful result. There are certain things which you must follow while going for a beauty care regime. Beauty tips for African American women are different from any other woman. With careful approach, you will be able to enjoy fabulous result. Read ahead to know more on this.

Skin care Tips for African American Women

  • Toner: Toner is essential for any skin. If you are an African American woman, you must use this cosmetic. It supports you closing the pores and prevents the skin from impurities. Some affordable astringents include, honey or lime juice, rose water, witch hazel and more. When you’re using honey, just rub it gently and when it absorbs into the skin, wash off the face. Don’t allow the honey to stay on the skin. Use a cotton ball to offer toner onto the skin.

  • Moisturizer: According to your skin type, choose moisturizer. Oily skin requires shine control formula. While you are buying this product, be careful that it contains SPF 15 at least. To enjoy a perfect skin, black women should nourish their skin with moisturizer effects.
  • Foundation: While you are selecting foundation for your African American skin tone, consider certain factors—
    • If you have too much dark skin choose a foundation with a bluish undertone.
    • For medium brown skin choose a reddish-yellow tone foundation.
    • To pamper light skin use a foundation with a golden or yellow bas.

African American Hair Care Tips

  • Hair oil: Oil is important for curly unmanageable hair. Doing proper head massage, you will be able to bring softness to the dry hair. You can also opt for hot oil therapy for enjoying better result.
  • Shampooing process: Frequent shampooing will not benefit black hair women. It will make the hair dry. Start the process by rinsing the hair with a good shampoo. Wash the hair with normal water and cover it with a towel. Don’t rub your hair otherwise it will create tangles.
  • Apply conditioner: After doing shampoo, use conditioner. It will make the dry hair smooth and soft. You will get a wonderful manageable hair.
  • Method to comb: Curly African American hair is really tough to comb. You should follow proper process to get rid of tangles, hair fall and other problems. Opt for a wide-toothed comb and apply the tool from the end portion of your hair. Come towards the root gently. In this way, you’ll very easily overcome black hair difficulties.

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