Beauty Tips for Asian Women

Asian women are regarded as the most beautiful women in the universe. During any beauty contest, often the crown has been captured by the beauties of Asia. Their deep eyes, appealing smile, soft hair, glowing face make them special indeed. It is not only genetic, they look awesome because of their regular beauty care regime. Apart from using numerous anti-aging cosmetic products, the Asian women stoop to polish themselves with some soothing homemade beauty cosmetics. Beauty tips for Asian women involve some modern as well some traditional options. With various beauty products, Asian girls can convert themselves into more gorgeous and ravishing.

Skin Care Tips for Asian Women

  • Asian women possess slightly yellow colored skin because of the presence of extra melanin. This skin tone can vary from light shade to fair. To protect the skin from any outer environmental damages, you should apply a gentle cleanser every day. It will hydrate the skin.
  • After drying the skin with a towel, dab moisturizer on it. It should contain hydroquinone. It will fade the dark patches of your skin.

  • Sunscreen care is also necessary. Treat the skin with SPF 15 formula at least.
  • Scrub once in a week to remove all dead skin cells. You must go for gentle message while doing the exfoliation process.
  • Panex Ginseng which is also popular as Ginseng is a skin care remedy for Asian beauties. Its powder molecules remove stress and fatigue from the body. Its rich antioxidant formula reduces the effects of free radicals on the skin.
  • Pearl powder can be used by Asian women. It makes your skin healthy and fresh-looking. Those who have sensitive skin, such powder helps them a lot.
  • Choose green leafy vegetables to stay glowing and attractive.
  • Fresh fruits are beneficial for the skin.
  • You can also drink fruit juice for better effect.
  • Drink at least eight to nine glasses of water every day.

Asian Hair Care Tips

  • The North-American hair-color products do not offer good effect on Asian hair. Actually, Asian hair is the thickest among all other hair textures. You have to consult with an experienced colorist. Choose colors that suit you perfectly. You can go for patch test also.
  • Apply shampoo on regular basis on the hair. You should select a shampoo that matches your skin type.
  • After shampooing allow the hair to enjoy good conditioner effect. It will soften the locks and you would get fully manageable hair.
  • Hair oil is also required for Asian women. Once in a week, all Asian hair should get hair oil therapy.
  • Henna is a good option to eliminate dandruff and hair fall. Make a paste of henna, hot water, curd and lemon juice. Apply the mixture onto the hair and leave for at least 2 to 3 hours. After washing it with shampoo enjoy the glowing hair texture.