Beauty Tips for Complexion

Complexion plays a vital role in every woman’s life. Bright glowing complexion has been regarded as the password to happiness. But it is not right to underestimate the dark complexion people. Even those who do not possess a fair skin can also win any battle. If you are interested in converting your skin tone into glowing and fairer, follow some effective therapies. Beauty tips for complexion will surely satisfy you. Your skin will look bright and gorgeous.

How to enjoy Glowing Complexion?

  • Exfoliation process: Everyday your skin comes in contact of harmful elements. Gradually, your skin surface gets some dead skin cells. By removing those dead skin cells, you’ll easily get fair complexion. Using a good scrub, exfoliate the skin at least once a week. Don’t overuse the scrub. You must go for gentle treatment. Following this method at least four times in a month, you can make the skin bright and healthy.
  • Diet and drink: Take lots of green leafy vegetables to improve the skin texture. Also drink plenty of water daily. Various kinds of fruit juice can enhance your life. You will get fabulous glow on your skin.
  • Proper makeup: To express yourself with bright complexion, you must choose some perfect makeup options. When you’re using foundation, blend it properly on the skin. Today’s market is flooded with several fairness creams. Choose the right one. In this process, your beauty expert will surely help you.
  • Workout habits: Active lifestyle brings about glow and brightness. Doing regular physical exercises, you will be able to enjoy right blood circulation. In this way, your skin will get the benefits. You would look gorgeous too.

Home Remedy for Fair Complexion

  • Turmeric powder and orange juice will definitely bring glow on the skin. Add them together and apply the paste for 20 minutes onto the skin. After washing the face, you’ll discover the glow.
  • Mix curd and cucumber juice. Dab the mixture on the face. Do this therapy continuously for three to four days. You will discover a perfectly glowing complexion.
  • Milk is also a healthy part of any beauty care regime. It nourishes the skin and brings a clear and bright skin. You have to collect a little milk. Remember to take it before doing the boiling process. Apply this component onto the skin with gentle touch. After finishing the therapy wash off the face. It will offer you a radiant and fair skin.

Beauty Tips for Fair Complexion

  • Clean, tone and moisturize every night before going to bed as this will keep your skin looking radiant.
  • For makeup, use the lighter tone of foundation, lipstick can be anything from pinks, browns and reds and concealer should be one tone lighter than your skin tone. For eye shadows, use lighter colors for the subtle look during work and if you wish to get the wilder look, experiment with all the bolder colors during your night outs.
  • For dresses, try out darker shades like grays, reds and black shades. But, remember as long as you can carry off a certain color, simply wear it!

Fair Complexion

Beauty Tips for Dark Complexion

  • For foundations, get shades of dark brown with tinge of yellow and red. If you have a tinge of olive or yellow in your skin complexion, use foundation with red tone.
  • For eye makeup, get the perfect shape for your eyebrow as this would make an interesting impression. The colors that you can choose for your eye shadow can be any shade of dark brown, blues, reds, reddish browns, deep purples or plum. To add a dramatic effect, you can combine the base shadow with orange browns, grayish blues and hunter greens. Blend the colors in a way to give it a perfect natural look.
  • For blushes, use any color from different shades of berry, peach and darker pinks.
  • The colors that will suit your skin complexion when it comes to lipsticks and lip gloss include pink with a tinge of gold, plums and purples with a tinge of gold, different shades of brown with tinge of gold. For darker shades, you can opt for deep berry colors with the tone of mauve and browns with red tone. Use high gloss or very matte lipsticks and lip glosses as the shine will give a dramatic impact.
  • For dresses, opt for colors such plum, soft shades of neutrals lots of pastels and plum. You may avoid shades of blacks, browns and oranges. But the bottom line is, you may look gorgeous in black too-so go ahead and dare to wear those dark colors!

Dark Complexion