Beauty Tips for Eyebrows

Eyes are the most expressive feature. You can speak your emotions through your eyes. Thus, eyebrows too form an important feature whose beauty should also be maintained. The beauty tips for eyebrows should be followed religiously to get wonderfully shaped eyebrows. The eyebrow beauty tips have been listed down keeping in mind the varied types of eyebrows that one might have.

Eyebrows Beauty Tips

  1. Eyebrows definitely help to add strength to your look. It defines the shape of your face too. Groom your eyebrows properly as that can augment the beauty of your look.
  2. Pluck your eyebrows at night before going to sleep as there is a chance for the redness to disappear as you go to sleep. Shape the eyebrows according to your facial structure.
  3. A pair of slant edge tweezers should be used to grip the hairs of your eyebrows. You should comb the hairs in one direction and then take it to the other direction and let go off the loose hairs.
  4. Keep in mind not to remove the hairs from above the eyebrows.
  5. Individual hair of the eyebrows should be plucked so that the root can be closed. See which way the growth of the hairs are directed and work in that direction.
  6. Do not over pluck the hair.
  7. Use an eyebrow pencil making small, feathered strokes. Start around the corner and work it outwards.
  8. Use a brush to make a complete blend of the colors.

If you boast of perfect eyebrows, the beauty of your face in itself gets augmented. It makes a visible impact on others. The most desired eyebrow look is the one which starts directly above the outside corner of the eye and the highest point ends a little beyond the outer corner of the iris.

Tips to tame your Eyebrows

  • Before tweezing the eyebrows, wipe a cotton ball which have been soaked in astringent. It has a cooling effect that makes the skin numb for a while and there is not much pain felt.
  • The tweezers should be held at 45 degrees and the stray hairs should be plucked below the brow line, going exactly in the direction in which the hair is growing.
  • For a natural look of the eyebrows, use a brow brush dipping it in brow powder making upward and outward strokes.
  • The shade that you choose for your eyebrows should be correct. Those who are fair, choose blonde shades and while those who have an olive colored texture, select a tawny or brown shade.
  • Use an eye shadow rather than an eyebrow pencil.
  • Your eyebrow shade should be nearly about two shades lighter than hair color.

Beauty Tips for Eyebrows