Beauty Tips for Hair

Hair care is an important part of your beauty care regime. Soft nourished hair signifies your vanity. You look more beautiful. It therefore, creates good impact on your image. But due to daily exposure to the outside factors, the hair turns into unhealthy. You get brittle hair problem, dandruff, hair fall, hair loss and so on. All these conditions go against your beauty. A few beauty tips for hair can solve all hair problems. You will get soft and smooth hair which will be free from any outside difficulties.

Hair Care Tips

    Cleansing method:
    Hair cleansing is so important if you want to get a smooth and clear hair. You experience various kinds of harsh elements which badly damage the hair. If you would indulge in cleaning the hair with good shampoo, it would offer you a healthy texture. At least thrice a week do shampoo on the hair. After shampooing, apply conditioner on it. It nourishes your hair and offers you a soft and smooth feeling.

  • Hair conditioner: To cope with hair problem, you have to make the hair soft and silky. Conditioner brings glowing effect onto the hair. After washing the hair with a shampoo, use a conditioner gently on it.
  • Hair massage:Hair massage with hot oil brings peace in your life. It makes the hair strong and smooth. You get moisturizer in your hair texture. For reducing stress and tension, this is a fantastic process.
  • Oil Treatments: Hair oil makes the hair nourished. Every week, give your precious possession hair oil therapy. Proper head massage with soothing oil will bring peace in your life. This is an old process to improve hair growth.
  • Combing process:To maintain the healthy hair texture, regular combing with right method is crucial. Follow downward direction when you are doing this process. Before using comb, separate the tangles of the hair with a wide-tooth hair comb. Allow the hair to become dry. Then only practice the combing activity.
  • Trimming regularly: Trimming removes split ends and other hair problems. You won’t get brittle hair or other damaging condition by trimming the hair at least once in two months.
  • Good eating and drinking: The health of your hair depends on what you eat and drink. Take lots of green vegetables regularly. Also eat foods that are enriched with iron, protein, calcium and so on. Drinking plenty of water, you will enhance the quality of the hair. Try to take at least eight to nine glasses of water regularly.

Home Recipe for Hair Care Treatment

  • Apply hot coconut oil massage on the hair. Leave it overnight and next morning, add lemon juice on the scalp. Wait for at least half an hour and then wash off the hair. It will give you fresh dandruff free hair.

  • Take half lemon, one cup of water and two tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Prepare a juice adding all of them together. While you are taking bath, first rinse the hair with shampoo. Now include the juice in the process. Properly wash the hair with cold water. It will bring out fabulous glow on your locks.
  • For making the hair soft and smooth, prepare a mixture with 1 to 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and 3 cups of fresh water. Apply it on the hair and enjoy a soft effect