Beauty Tips for Hands

You might be looking for some effective beauty tips for hands. Here you can get it. Hands play a very important role in our day today life. Our arms are connected by the hands. Without hands we can’t do anything. So they need proper care. Moreover you must keep your hands and nails beautiful. A pair of beautiful hand adds an extra charisma to your look. To make your hands beautiful, several beauty companies come up with several hand care products. You can choose any of them. However always buy the products of reputed brands. Some homemade hand masks are also very effective in making your hands beautiful and glowing. Some essential beauty tips for hands are as follows.

Nail and Hand Care Tips

You must go for a routine care for keeping your hands and nails healthy and problem free. Don’t forget to wash your hands after returning home from outside. Never apply any harsh soap but always use an herbal face wash. After a proper cleansing you need to hydrate your hands with an herbal moisturizer.

Apart from that you must go for a manicure treatment once a month. It helps keep your nails problem free and healthy. You can do it at your home as well. These are several manicure kits available in the market with the user guide. If you are a busy person and don’t get so much time to go to any salon then you have some other options. Here are some effective homemade hand masks given for you, try it out.

Lemon-Glycerin mask for hands

  • Ingredients –Vegetable oil of one table spoon, One egg yolk, one table spoon of lemon juice, one table rose water, one tablespoon glycerin.
  • How to prepare – Mix the ingredients all together and make a solution.
  • Application – Apply this on your hands. Leave it for fifteen minutes. Now wash it with rose water. Now apply a herbal moisturizer. Do it on a regular basis. Your hands will remain healthy and glowing.

Honey butter musk for hands

  • Ingredients –Honey of one tablespoon, One teaspoon butter.
  • How to prepare – Mix these ingredients all together and make a smooth paste.
  • Application – Now apply this paste on your hands. Leave it for some times. Now wash the hands with water. Doing it on a regular basis can make your hands’ skin glowing.

Essential Beauty Tips for Hands

  • Always use a mild soap or face wash for your hands. Never use any cheap brand.
  • Always apply a mild moisturizing lotion before going to the bed.
  • Don’t forget to apply a sunscreen lotion before going out.