Squeaky Clean Skin

A new take on a rejuvenating facial is the skin polishing and brightening treatment often called microdermabrasion. In this method crystals are used to exfoliate the superficial layer of dead skin from your face. This improves skin’s texture and softness and adds translucence to your skin. Since the controlled flow of crystal polishes the epidermis, it improves circulation and helps in cell and collagen regeneration. It also reduces appearance of large pores and evens out skin tone.

According Dr Simal Soin of Amatrra a+ MediSpa in microdermabrasion the therapist uses specially formulated creams are designed to take skin care to a new level. The cream is applied to the skin using the re-surfacing wand. It gently buffs or massages your tissues and drives out dead skin cells, oil, and entrenched contaminants. Post treatment you get a brand new skin that shines with health. The treatment is painless, and should feel like a deep tissue massage.

Since we our stressed out lifestyle show its first sign on our skin condition, it is great for young women looking to brighten their tired skin. This “lunch break facial” accommodates even the most frantic schedule. Not only is the treatment quick, it’s also versatile. Experts say women above 20 years of age can opt for this treatment. It is high on comfort as there are no discomfort-causing chemicals, scalpels, or lasers involved. The treatment improves the appearance of skin texture, large pores, acne and acne scarring, dry or dull patches, sun spots, age spots, rough skin, blackheads and clogged pores, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles, and dermal circulation.