Tips to Protect Your Skin

Our busy and hectic lifestyle that we lead, the pollution in our cities, stresses at work, diet regimes, skipping of meals, lack of exercising all have harsh repercussions on our skin. Adding to these unavoidable circumstances are bad habits like smoking and excess of coffee which dehydrate our skin cells of water and hence signs of ageing and darkness of skin is commonly noticed in youngsters today. Dark circles, early lines and wrinkles and heat boils are very prominent in young individuals working more than 8 hours per day.

Skin ideally should have a slightly acidic pH ranging from 5.4 to 5.9. When the skins pH is outside this zone, it can interfere with normal skin functions, such as protecting against bacteria and repairing or protecting itself against damage thus one needs to take proper care and appropriate measures.

  • The best way to prevent skin changes or prevent free radical damage showing on our skin is to eat a healthy, nutritious, balanced diet with a lot of carrots, beetroot, tomato and apples along with 8-10 glasses of water. These food items give the necessary nutrients to our skin.
  • Instead of using soap on the face, use a good cleanser as it removes dirt and grime from skin without over drying the skin while removing sebum and grease.
  • Apply a good sunscreen on face and neck, upper back, arms and feet. An even layer applied 20minutes before going in the sun is very effective to prevent tanning. An SPF 15 is good enough for our Indian skin, while doing our daily chores. During swimming and beach outings, a higher SPF of 30 and above is preferred.
  • If you have acquired a tan, an easy skin treat at home would be to rub a mixture of curds and gram flour (Besan) this being used for oily skin, while for dry skin, we can mix papaya pulp with milk cream (Malai) and two drops of lemon juice and leave paste on the dark areas for 10 minutes before bath, using it twice or thrice a week can work wonders.
  • Always choose the right type of cosmetics depending on your skin type. You could do a patch test first for double surety.
  • For dark circles, moisturizing the under eye skin is very important. This means no soap around the eyes, only a mild face wash, and then a moisturizer with SPF can be applied in the morning. An under eye cream at night with Vitamin C or E is a good relaxant for tired eyes. Even simple rose water inside the eyes (2 drops) soothes computer strained eyes.
  • Mouthwash or mint after lunch and dinner is a good way to keep bad breath and bacteria at bay.
  • Daily cleansing of the ears with a towel during bath, and once a week with an ear bud prevents collection of wax or any ear problems cropping up.